Scientific translation Tanzania

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Translation of scientific texts - Tanzania

Scientific translation - Tanzania

Complex scientific texts are usually written by experts and scientists around the world and contain research results, scientific articles, calculations, study findings, and investigations. Most of these articles are written using scientific language and contain specialized terms. To translate scientific text precisely, most universities, colleges, companies, and research organizations rely on professional translators. The content of the scientific text, drawings, tables and references must be accurately translated, be conclusive, and consistent. Since most of the scientific articles are used and cited by other author's works, the translation should not contain errors and must be prepared with great care by a highly-qualified and experienced translator in Tanzania. Many competent mother tongue translators often have additional engineering or scientific qualifications in the field and can perform scientific translations ideally.

The following scientific document usually requires a translation:

  • Scientific articles, poster papers
  • Equipment operations manuals
  • Pharmaceutical and medical documents
  • Patents, applications, description of inventions
  • Drawings, schemes, tables
  • Technological and scientific process descriptions
  • Test protocols, laboratory and clinical testing
  • Material safety data sheets specifications
  • Market research and international projects
  • Simulation software (biotechnology, chemical industry, etc.)
  • Scientific product presentations
  • Scientific brochures and technical documents
  • Glossaries and scientific encyclopedia
  • Science website localization and translation
  • Scientific multimedia, video presentations, animations

The price of a scientific translation in Tanzania depends on various factors. The first factor being the complexity of a scientific text and the specialization subject. A translation of a complex pharmaceutical process description requires much more effort compared to a translation of a school physics book. The second factor affecting the price is the length of the scientific text to be translated, i.e. the number of characters/words. A source and target language may also affect the price of the scientific text translation, so a translation rate of a rare language is higher. For example, a translation of a scientific article from Chinese to Portuguese will cost much higher compared to a translation from German to Russian, simply because fewer scientific translators available for this language combination. Also, the price might be affected by formatting requirements, if the text consists of many drawings and tables, the price can go higher as the translator will spent more hours on this.  If you need urgent or a specific type of scientific translation like for example, sworn translation, proofreading, certified translation - these all will affect the price. An average price for a scientific translation in Tanzania starts from 0.12 EUR per word. The translation of a standard scientific A4 page costs on average 35 EUR, which includes 300 words or 1800 characters.