Conference and seminar interpreters Tanzania

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Conference and seminar interpreters in Tanzania

Conference interpreters in Tanzania

Are you going to attend or organize a conference in Tanzania? Nowadays many conferences are international and specialized events. If you invite foreign participants to the conference you will need a conference interpreter in who will simultaneously interpret presentations of all speakers into several languages allowing the audience to hear presentations in their mother tongue. Usually, conference interpreters work in pairs with the partner interpreter, exchanging each other every 25-30 minutes, as working without breaks will stress the interpreter and reduce the quality of an interpretation drastically.

Conference interpretation will also require simultaneous interpretation equipment, which mostly consists of soundproof booths, audio systems, headphones, microphones, wireless transmitters, interpreter console, and cables. This kind of simultaneous interpretation equipment can be purchased or rented in . You will need some technical support for the installation, adjustment, and operations of the system, this is usually provided by equipment rental companies. The price of the equipment may vary with the number of conference participants and the location. 

Conference interpreters must be booked several weeks in advance, as professional interpreters are quite busy working on different events. To find and hire a suitable conference interpreter in for your event before you approach them you should know the exact dates, venue, language pairs, and conference topic. Depending on the specialization of your event, you might need a conference interpreter with experience in technical, medical, scientific, financial, or economic fields. Also, it is important to consider the source and target languages, as most of the conference interpreters usually provide one-directional interpretation, which means that you will need two interpreters for a single language combination.

Plan your conference budget precisely, as conference interpreters are the kings of interpretation and the cost of their services is not cheap. What is the price of a conference interpreter in ? Well, it's hard to say, it depends on the type of event. To determine a price, you may want to inform the interpreter about the details of the event and you will get a quotation adjusted to your needs at a fixed price. If you need an approximate figure for your budget planning, you can expect a daily rate of roughly 1000-3000 EUR per day for two interpreters including conference equipment, depending on the location. If you hire a conference interpreter for such months like May, September, or October, and then cancel your booking, you will probably pay 20 to 50% of cancellation fees, as these months are very busy.


Seminar or training interpreters in Tanzania

If you are going to attend a seminar or training, you will probably need a whisper interpreting, which is also known as "chuchotage". This type of interpretation is used when a complete setup for simultaneous interpreting is not technically or economically feasible. In this case, the interpreter listens to the speaker by ear, and then whispers the translation to an attendee, so that their voice does not impact the presentation. This usually works with one listener.

If however there are several listeners, you may ask a seminar interpreter to rent (or to bring own) portable interpreting equipment: a pocket transmitter with a microphone and receivers with headphones for the listeners. Using these devices, an interpreter can translate the presentation to multiple attendees. Whisper interpreting in can be used for simultaneous and consecutive mode: the interpreter can speak simultaneously with a speaker or the presenter speaks in short sentences so that the interpreter have time to translate in consecutive mode. If simultaneous interpretation is chosen, then you still might need two interpreters.

The price of whispering interpretation for seminars and training in is a little cheaper compared to traditional conference interpretation price, as you will not need full-scale interpretation equipment. However, you should bear in mind, that this might impose certain interpretation quality limitations, as interpreters do not have a comfortable working environment like a soundproof cabin or audio console. A whispered speech of the interpreter might also disturb other attendees or the speaker.